The Artistic-Civic League United

"building communication platforms for change"


Welcome to The Artistic-Civic League United -- a small grassroots charity with over 40,000 supporters for our campaigns!

We are a multi-departmental charity with the primary focus of producing artistic projects, charitable, and civic activities 

Have patience because our website is in constant renovation.    

A majority of our departments are still being revised; however, by clicking on each department's link you can get a generally clear idea of what The Artistic-Civic League United is trying to accomplish.

We are still completing some administrative work to obtain tax-exempt status, in order to properly fund & construct each department.

Our grassroots headquarters is located in beautiful Santa Monica!


The Artistic-Civic League United

c/o Orta Enterprises

Santa Monica, CA 


Contact us if you'd like to have a chance to serve, we could really use your help.     


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Mission Statement

Our organizational mission is to establish and maintain a center for artists, philanthropists, philosophers, community service leaders, educators, students, scientists, researchers, charitable people, and entrepreneurs -- we will accomplish this by creating an academic and production center.

Services & Fundraisers

Coming soon!


Articles of Incorporation I. II. & IV.


Articles of Incorporation


The name of this corporation is the Artistic-Civic League United


A.     This corporation is a nonprofit PUBLIC BENEFIT CORPORATION and is not organized for private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes.

B.     The specific purpose of this corporation is to plan, organize, lead, & control the positive success of creating entertainment, artistic, civic, educational, scientific, health, literary, sojourn (tourist), Christian, athletic, & charitable outlets, productions, enterprises, platforms, buildings, organizations, innovations, activities, & communication systems.


A. This corporation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3), Internal Revenue Code.

B. No substantial part of the activities of this corporation shall consist of carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and this corporation shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign (including the publishing distribution of statements) on behalf of any candidate for public office.

C. The property of this corporation is irrevocably dedicated to the purposes in Article IIB hereof and no part of the net income or assets of this corporation shall ever inure to the benefit of any director, officer, or member thereof or to the benefit of any private person.  


Original Overall Plan

This was our original vision for the A-CLU. As the charity grows and improves so will the plan, but here is the actual original plan that was drafted years ago during 2005-2006! How time flies!

Again, our original strategy for the A-CLU to " Build Communication Platforms for Change ":

We are still modifying our strategy, but here is the original plan!

Our Original Major Construction Project

The Artistic-Civic League United had hopes of opening our own school community college -- free from cost -- where high school graduates, college graduates, and other qualifying citizens may continue their education & interests in a safe & supportive community.

The University School of the Arts was listed under our 4th-tier objective  under the title "Multi-Purpose Community Building."

The Artistic-Civic League United hopes to resume this construction project in the future when we have completed our other priority projects. 

Our hope is to offer people that have limited or no resources the opportunity to pursue an education and to allow them to have a real opportunity to see the rightful fruition of their dreams regardless of age.

furthermore, by improving the uniformity of the community we will be able to also improve the quality of the environment by implementing sound first-class environmental policy.

Our educational community will eventually be able to fund itself through various products & services created by each department.

In addition to us being an agency of education, we are using our means of expression & communication to work in concert with our community for the betterment our society and of course just for the good fun of it!


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