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Residential Recovery for Child Abuse Victims

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We have over 40 thousand signatures of support to offer residential recovery housing in the San Francisco Bay Area, Central Valley, Monterey County, and Los Angeles County. Every year there are nearly 60 to 80,000 child abuse victims (see the publication from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services beneath the next header),

over 50-60% the cases are never reported, this means a lot of victims end up going through life without receiving coping services, support, or understanding of how tough it is to overcome childhood trauma.

Our goal is to offer a high quality opportunity for recovery, support, and treatment. We have 2 different residential projects -- a series of college housing dorms (& fellowship houses) to be opened near college districts throughout California & 1 high capacity recovery home:


 College Housing By The A-CLU:

A place to live

At College Housing by The A-CLU, it is a no pressure environment with a focus on taking your time to figure out where you want to go in life, whether it's higher education, a career in the profession of your choosing, or just living in peace and taking life day by day.


Get a helping hand

Live-in house managers are available to cook, clean, plan fun home building activities – movies, celebrations, bbq, and great parties!

Your house managers also serve as a liason with your college counselors or occupational recruiter to make sure you have every opportunity to succeed


The Artistic-Civic League United

c/o Orta Enterprises 



High Capacity Recovery Home: 

+ Nearly 700 dorms (half-children/half adults; no age restrictions!)

+ Over 20 full time child abuse recovery physicians 

+ Support group/grief counseling

+ Educational counselors to get through college

+ Career counselors to help survivors find the best career for their dreams

+ Lots of fun rehabilitative things to do! (Arcade, movie theater, fitness center, pool, computer lounge)

+ A positive and supportive home that offers the best chance toward a happy and successful life to victims whose childhoods were marred by traumatic events.

+ No age restrictions, so that IT WILL NEVER BE TOO LATE to get the positive support child abuse survivors deserve

+ The houses & centers will be self-financed by our acting school and performing arts venue (and 2 other major revenue building businesses) when initial construction is complete. We want to reduce the amount of charitable funds needed by outside financing by delivering products & ministrations that our patrons will appreciate.  


Please donate, thousands of survivors need health services, guidance, and love that was taken and distorted when we were young!

Your donations are important and allow us to come into the neighborhood and talk about abuse, gather signatures of support, invite other child abuse survivors (in the community) to our victim support groups, offer hope and a vision for a better future for those of us who really are survivors of child abuse, and upgrade our supplies, equipment, and resources.

There are more pictures of the recovery homes if you keep scrolling down. 

Contact us with your ideas on how you can help make this campaign better!

There is no way we can do it without you


The Artistic-Civic League United

c/o Orta Enterprises 

More images: 

Here is a 1st draft of the first floor of the recovery center:

3-D 3/4 View:








The Artistic-Civic League United

c/o Orta Enterprises 


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Child Abuse Statistics

These tables have been extracted directly from The Administration for Children & Families (a division of the Department of Health & Human Services of the United States of America.

We will be adding the latest table from the Department of Health soon!

Thank you for your patience!

The table lists 2 kinds of victims -- unique & duplicate.

Unique:  Counting a child each time that he or she was a subject of a report that received a CPS response. This count is also known as a report-child pair. This type of count is useful when one is interested in the specific characteristics of an event that has occurred.

Duplicate: Counting a child once, regardless of the number of reports that received a CPS response. For example, when discussing the age characteristics of children, the unique count may be considered preferable.

Our yellow logo is placed next to our state (California) & the victims of 2006-2010. 

2010's duplicate and unique victims: 

 2006 & 2007's victims:

 2008 & 2009's victims:

 2010's victims unique victims only:


The Artistic-Civic League United

c/o Orta Enterprises 


You can read a complete report from The Administration for Children & Families (a division of the Department of Health & Human Services) over the past ten years (2006-2014) by clicking on the image provided below:




Dear Recovery Center Supporter, 

 As you can see, there has been improvement in the victimization rate, but there are still far too many still being abused and suffering from trauma. We urge you to continue supporting our efforts with your signatures, recommendations, and contributions. Our efforts ARE survivor driven. When I was in elementary school, I too was a victim of horrendous child abuse. (Not by my parents.)

I know personally, the anguish of going through life with self-blame, self-destruction, confusion, & all the baggage that's attached to childhood trauma. I told my Vice Principal in Middle School & then once again my group counselor in High School. Neither time, did I receive the appropriate intervention needed to properly treat my childhood trauma. Had someone been there for me (and aided me & my family on what to do) when I entrusted that information with them, I could have received the appropriate care I had the rights to receive -- life for me could have been dramatically different.

The best way you can deter child abuse is to talk to your children about abuse, take a class, teach other parents (and guardians) how to be good, responsible parents. Also, if you know a child abuse survivor, remember to treat them kindly. If you're not sure what to do, just look at a small child and think.

Child abuse is nothing to scoff about, neglect, nor trivialize. Please help us -- child abuse victims don't want to be neglected and have the right to live without the shame of being an outcast because of negligence.

God bless us, in Jesus' name, amen.

- David Orta, Executive Director


The Artistic-Civic League United

c/o Orta Enterprises 



Campaign Activity

 This effort has been brought to you by the campaigners of the California Christian Club!







Total Activity

Flyers Issued:                   52,000*

Supporters:                     40,000*

Survivors Discovered:      500+*


 * Figures are an estimate until we compile latest stats








Gifts Given to Supporters and Contributors!

United Studios of Self Defense, San Carlos: Our generous martial arts masters, USSD San Carlos, donated hundreds of VIP Passes & Gift Certificates and many awesome Hot Wheels Race Cars to our supporters! 

Pasta Primavera: 400 Gift Cards for 1 Free Appetizer & 150 Boxes of Crayons were given to community members of San Mateo County.

Outback Steakhouse25 Gift Cards for $10 OFF were given to the community members of San Mateo.

Morgan Hill Community: Several Teddy Bears and Toys were collected & donated to Saint Catherine's Catholic Church of Morgan Hill for our 2011 Christmas Spirit Drive.

The Artistic-Civic League United: Purchased several toys and books that were given away to children on the field in San Mateo early 2012.

Greenfield Community: Our 2012 Christmas Spirit Drive collected & donated boxes and bags of goodies to Holy Trinity Catholic Church and it's neighbors. Increase the peace and Merry Christmas!


Last Update: 7/07/15


*[ We are currently synthezising the latest stats, so please have patience with our count! ]


"According to the U.S. Department of Health there have been nearly 80,000 victims (each year) of child abuse from 2006-2015 in California. Help build a home for all victims"


- David Orta, Executive Director


The Artistic-Civic League United

c/o Orta Enterprises 




Have You Been Victimized?

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The California Christian Club provides support group meeting materials to victims of child abuse. Oftentimes, it is difficult for victims to cope alone. 

Our meetings are online right now. 

These meetings are closed to survivors only.

If you have been a victim of child abuse, and want to join a group of others who have survived child abuse then please call or email for additional times, locations, groups, and to be invited to our online support at the contact information supplied below: 


Here is a hyperlinked manual and work book for adult survivors of child abuse who want to move on with life called "Survivor to Thriver Manual."

(A reference manual suggested by The Child Welfare Information Gateway) 


The Artistic-Civic League United

c/o Orta Enterprises 



Bullyang causes serious harm  upon the health of our community. If we work together, we can reduce it's impact on the community, strengthen family values and promote a respectful, peaceful, and happy environment.

"Bullying doesn’t happen only at school. Community members can use their unique strengths and skills to prevent bullying wherever and whenever it occurs. For example, youth sports groups may train coaches to prevent bullying. Local businesses may make t-shirts with bullying prevention slogans for an event. After-care staff may read books about bullying to kids and discuss them. Hearing anti-bullying messages from the different adults in their lives can reinforce the message for kids that bullying is unacceptable."

Get educated about what you can do to help stop the harassment of bullying at 


La Ciudad de David Templo de Cristo

The City of David Temple of Christ is the Christian Department of The Artistic-Civic League United. 

The Christian Department has hopes of being the central source of guidance for The Artistic-Civic League United and its entire staff in the spirit of refining & defining fundamental themes of all works to ensure a general message of positivity, health, well-being, hope, and good conscience.

The Christian Department will work to make Christian doctrine more accessible to the Christian faithful and to all the people of good will through our church services. 

We hope one day that we will be able to build an actual Church sanctuary for people to take refuge, seek solace, and to worship God! †

At The City of David Temple of Christ, we hope to offer a schedule for The Holy Bible to be read from beginning to end every year to celebrate God's word in its entirety and chronology -- we are non-denominational to include all our brothers and sisters in Christ.   

We also want to offer Online Church Services (i.e. Christian history/related videos: sermons, teachings, masses) for those who cannot physically make it to church.  

May the Lord inspire you this very day! Amen!

*Graphic courtesy of


The Artistic-Civic League United

c/o Orta Enterprises



Online Church Services

Enjoy online church services from the comfort of your home by clicking here!


In the meantime, say a prayer to Jesus our Savior for the priests & religious:


O Jesus, our great High Priest, hear my humble prayers on behalf of Thy servants.
Give them a deep faith, a bright and firm hope, and a burning love which will ever
increase in the course of their life. In their loneliness, comfort them. In their
sorrows, strengthen them. In their frustrations, point out to them that it is
through your suffering that the soul is saved, and show them that they are needed by
the Church; they are needed by souls; they are needed for the work of
O Loving Mother Mary, Mother of Priests and religious, take to your heart your
children who are close to you because of the power which they have received to
carry on the work of Christ in a world which needs them so much. Be their
comfort, be their joy, be their strength, and especially help them to live and to
defend the ideals of consecrated celibacy, modesty, righteous living, lay brothers and sisters, other Christians, common sense, all that is good, and of course, charity









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