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Ekklesia Innovations

The Innovations Department is researching the construction of our own computer system, video game console, and other useful innovations in order to provide useful innovations to humanity as well as to assist in the financing of our charity.






Development Strategy

1. Provide IT solutions while developing our innovations.

2. Open our "pilot business satellite" which will be our IT center

3. Build the department within our higher learning education center.


"Hear Ye"  Education/Video Game Console & Catechesis Games

"Hear Ye" is the education/video game console, our latest "innovative project" by Ekklesia Innovations.

Catechesis Games is the game developing department for Ekklesia Innovations, and it's goal is to creates video games that defend positive qualities, awareness, and wonder in the humans that play them.

Our games are meant to inspire civil service, charity, intelligence, patriotism, and peace.


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